What Does CCAS Inc do?
What Does CCAS Inc do?

Community Engagement / Empowerment:

CCAS Inc. constantly finds ways to inspire: it’s artists, the community and audiences; supporting them to achieve great things by shaping leaders of tomorrow through a safe environment allowiing each participant the ability to learn, grow and share artistically.


This organization has taken a love of the arts and impacted various groups ranging from children to seniors. CCAS Inc. is active and well known in the community we have performed for many. We have shared our passion for dance at our local seniors’ home, expressing our ability to interact with diverse populations; other places we have performed include but are not limited to:
· African Exhibit
· Black Creek CHC AGM
· Nappanee festival of lights
· Kingston Kiwanis Club
· Jane and Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP)
· Freedom Fridayz
· Caribana festival
· Seniors home

Cultural Preservation of Traditional Art Forms through Workshops:

The Consulate General of Saint Lucia had sponsored Caribbean Canadian Artistic Stars Inc. (CCAS INC.) on a workshop to Saint Lucia. The goal of this sponsored event was to bring Saint Lucia’s Traditional Masquerade to Canada, through the performing and education of participant CCAS INC. has taught the art form to its existing members and has successfully participated in the preservation of traditional Folk dance from St. Lucia in the form of the Masquerade.

CCAS INC will continue to showcase the Masquerade through performances to deliver on the expectations of the Consulate General. We also hope to bridge the gap between youth and history by not only providing our students with a variety of new skills but also letting the students learn the origins of the dance, drumming and movement that they are learning. The pieces that will be taught will have meaning and historical references.

Accomplishments: - the 2015 GOLD medal winner of the STOMP competition in the beginners division

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